A to Z waterproofing is a lining,sealant, painting and construction company. We use a high-tech, cost effective and easy to apply sealant which is completely water-soluble and environmentally friendly. This non-toxic and flexible lining and sealant can be applied to nearly anything that would need waterproofing or requires rejuvenation, you can use it for roofing, pools, building roads, Water storage dams and much more.

Some of the benefits of A to Z waterproofing is the tensile strength of the flexible sealant, this means that the waterproofing will not crack or become brittle when cured, therefore our waterproofing should only ever need to be applied once. A to Z waterproofing is an easy to apply environmantaly friendly substance, this substance can't leak into the environment.


A to Z waterproofing uses a lining and sealant that has a high thermal stability and has a resistance to a wide variety of chemicals. One of the many benefits of A to Z waterproofing is that it is applied in a liquid form and cures within 4 hours, due to the fact that it is applied in a liquid form the sealant will conform to any given shape making it perfect for Waterproofing just about anything.

The geotextile is a fabric that is applied in one of the three layers, layer one bonds to the geotextile and once dried, a second layer of sealant is applied. Once dried a third layer of sealant is added. This multi-layer flexible structure increases the structural strength There are no joins to weld together as the geotextile will homogenously bond with the sealant.

A to Z waterproofing Guarantee

A to Z waterproofing is guaranteed for a period of ten years from any UV damage, although life expectancy is expected to far exceed ten years.

The Guarantee includes:

  • Cracking of the geoliner.
  • Tearing of the geoliner due to weathering.
  • Undue weathering of the geoliner causing exposure of the underlying substrate.

The Guarantee excludes:

  • Any damage due to external factors such as machinery, humans, trees, rocks or animals.
  • Damage by vegetation.
  • Damage due to ground settlement or movement.
  • Discolouring due to weather, dirt or dust.